Welcome to Atavist Music

Atavist Music produce music for games, TV, advertising, shows, or for any occasion. If you need music or would like to commission a piece then feel free to write to us here So far we have featured in computer games including The Hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

Most of the current music on this site is going on for 15 years old and was written to showcase the Digitech GNX3 effects pedal. Unfortunately only one tune managed to make it onto the Demo 7 CD before it was made obsolete by the GNX4.

Live Stream

Come visit me on my live stream at Twitch. Just click on the icon below.

I try to stream on Saturday around 7pm. Where work permits, there may be unscheduled streams during the week and on Sundays.


Use Twitch if you would like to arrange a
1 on 1 guitar lesson via Discord video chat.


Watch live video from AtavistMusic on www.twitch.tv

Streams will normally be on Saturday but ad hoc streams may be during the week

If you would like a lesson join my stream and download a copy of  Discord. Arrange a video chat session with me via the channel. Lessons will be shown as part of the stream.