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Atavist Music was created by Mike Atkinson in about 1998 / 1999 with the intention of recording incidental music for games. Since then, things moved on. I joined the Digitech community at the release of the GNX3 guitar effects processor and was asked to contribute music for the Digitech Demo CD 7 (and possible future releases).

Most of the music that appears on the Music page was written with that in mind and is probably 10 - 15 years old (it clearly shows it's age).



Since recording this stuff I have moved a couple of times, joined a couple of bands (most notably The Stone Connection) and am in the process of planning a new band project tentatively named Jazz Cabbage (more news later).

The future

Working as a school teacher leaves me little time to record and publish new music but I am hoping over the next 12 months or so to release new music geared more towards band oriented projects.